Legends is conscious of the pressing global climate crisis and is committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of our business. We aim to utilize energy efficient data centers and cloud hosting operators. We have also implemented various sustainability measures across our business, including recycling and waste sorting programs, water filtration to eliminate bottled water usage, motion sensor lighting, and other energy-saving initiatives. By embracing remote-working arrangements and technology, we have reduced the environmental footprint of our office space and lessened the need for many of our employees to commute and travel. Additonally at our events we are applying these principles to ensure our matches are operated with minimal impact to the environment.


We rally our employees around common values and goals, foremost of which is addressing the challenging and urgent social issues. Across our business, we offer our employees competitive compensation programs, creative and engaging culture-building initiatives, recognition programs, and ongoing development opportunities. We are also committed to positively impacting those around us and contributing to the broader communities in which we operate – by supporting a number of community and non-profit initiatives.


Legends is proud of our strong corporate governance practices, which apply across our company. Legends’s Code of Business Conduct requires all directors, employees, and contractors act with integrity and adhere to the highest standards of honest and ethical conduct. We encourage and support the ongoing development and education of our directors and officers.


"Creating a better environment"